6 Ways to Access Your AAGCU Accounts

Jan 2022 | Financial Education, Online Banking

Wherever your travels may take you, we are there with you every step of the way! With online banking, the Alaska Air Group Credit Union mobile app, shared branching, and more, managing your money has never been easier or more accessible.


Below are six ways to access your accounts when your travels take you away from an Alaska Air Group Credit Union Branch.

1. Online Banking

Access your accounts from your phone, tablet, or computer with Online Banking. Log in through the Online Banking Button on www.aagcu.org. If you are a new user, select Enroll Now.

Benefits of Online Banking:

  1. Check account balances.
  2. Pay bills with one-time payments or recurring scheduled transactions.
  3. Easily transfer funds between your accounts or to other AAGCU members.
  4. Money Desktop – an interactive budgeting tool.
    • Link multiple financial institutions to create a budget and track your spending.
    • Download the Money Mobile app for your on-the-go budgeting tool.

2. Mobile App

Download the AAGCU Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play Store for convenient access to accounts from your phone or tablet.

Benefits of the Mobile App

  1. Mobile Deposit – Deposit those Christmas checks without even leaving your couch.
  2. Check account balances.
  3. Pay bills with one time payments or recurring scheduled transactions.
  4. Easily transfer funds between your accounts or to other AAGCU members.


3. CO-OP Shared Branching and Surcharge-Free ATMs

Through the CO-OP Shared Branching network, you have access to over 5,000 branches nationwide to make deposits and withdrawals, transfer funds, make loan payments, and view your account history and balance. Find a branch near you with the CO-OP branch locator.

You also have access to 55,000+ Surcharge-Free ATMs through the Allpoint and CULIANCE Networks. Use the Allpoint locator or Mobile App, or the CULIANCE locator to find an ATM near you.

4. Mobile Wallet 

Add your Alaska Air Group Credit Union Debit Card to your Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay for secure, touch-free payments at most point of sale systems.

5. Audio Response

With 24/7 Audio Response, access to your Alaska Air Group Credit Union account is just a phone call away. Contact us today to set up your access to Audio Response.

Benefits of Audio Response:

  1. Transfer funds between your accounts or request a withdrawal by check.
  2. Check balances, account history and activity.
  3. Change your PIN number.
  4. Receive general credit union information.

6. Contact Us

Our Member Services Team is excited to help you via phone at (206) 824-9800 and select option 4, or through secure email.  Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Please check our home page for holiday closures.

Happy travels!

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