APY = Annual Percentage Yield. APR = Annual Percentage Rate
Rates effective as of 1/1/2020
Rates are subject to change

Loan Rates

Rates effective 7/01/2020

Auto Loans

Loan TypeAPR**Term*
Autos 2015 or Neweras low as 2.74%*up to 84 months
Autos 2011 - 2014as low as 3.49%*up to 84 months
Maximum amount financed - up to 110% of NADA average retail including tax and license. Financing for vehicles 10yrs and older available contact credit union for details.
*Terms based on amount financed and model year of collateral

Boat & RV Loans

Loan TypeAPR**Term*
New Boat & RV'sas low as 5.49%*up to 180 months
Used Boat & RV'sas low as 6.49%*up to 180 months
Value based on NADA average retail or Marine Survey. Minimum down payment required based on age of collateral and applicant qualifications.
*Terms based on amount financed and model year of collateral

Airplane Loans

Loan TypeAPR**Term*
Airplane Loansas low as 4.74%*up to 180 months
Aircrafts for personal use (non-revenue generating)
*Terms based on amount financed

Motorcycle Loans

Loan TypeAPR**Term*
Motorcycles 2014 or Neweras low as 3.24%*up to 84 months
Motorcycles 2010 - 2013as low as 5.49%*up to 48 months
Value based on NADA average retail. For loans under $20,000 rate is .50% higher.
*Terms based on amount financed and model year of collateral

Personal Loans

Loan TypeAPR**Term*
Share Secured Loans3% over dividend rateflexible repayment
Credit Builder Loans6.00%flexible repayment
Signature Loan Premier Plusas low as 8.40%*up to 60 months
Signature Loanas low as 10.90%*up to 48 months
Personal Line of Creditas low as 10.40%
Overdraft Line of Creditas low as 8.99%
Maximum loan amount based on gross monthly income. Line of credit payments are 2% of loan balance or a minimum payment of $25.00.
*Terms based on amount financed

**All loan rates are Annual Percentage Rates and subject to change without notice. Your rate and credit limit will be determined on creditworthiness including income, debt ratio, and collateral value (based on NADA average retail)
Assume you borrow $20,000 for an auto loan. The calculated APR on a 4 year loan with an interest rate of 2.74% would result in a monthly payment of $440.40.

Home Equity Rates

Rates effective 7/01/2020

Home Equity Closed End/Fixed Rates

APR*Payment Example**
up to 80%10 Year4.50%
81% - 90%10 Year5.50%5.50%$542.78
91% - 100%10 Year6.50%6.50%$567.91
up to 80%15 year4.75%4.75%$389.03
81%-90%15 year5.75%5.75%$415.34
91%-100%15 year6.75%6.75%$442.63
*A.P.R. Annual Percentage Rate and **payment example is based on average fees for loan amount of $50,000 for property in WA state. A.P.R may vary depending on loan amount and property location.

HELOC Variable Rate

LTVDraw periodRepaymentMarginRate***
up to 80%10 Year15 year14.25%
81% - 90%10 Year15 year25.25%
91% - 100%10 Year15 year36.25%
$500.00 Cash Gift to Borrower When HELOC Loan Funds

Index = prime rate as stated in the Wall Street Journal *** Rate = index + margin Semi Annual Adjustments
Minimum payment during draw payment is 1% of outstanding balance at the end of billing cycle or $100 whichever is greater.
Payment during repayment period is amortized over 15 years based on the balance at the end of the draw period.
Changes to the index may result in payment changes.

Home Mortgage Rates

Rates effective 8/26/2020

Fixed RatesRatesAPR*
30 Year Fixed3.000%3.130%
30 Year Fixed (investment property)3.375%3.508%
15 Year Fixed2.625%2.859%
Adjustable RatesRatesAPR*
5 Year Fixed3.000%3.047%
7 Year Fixed3.125%3.120%
10 Year Fixed3.125%3.157%
Jumbo RatesRatesAPR*
30 Year Fixed4.50%4.645%
5 Year ARM4.00%3.570%
7 Year ARM4.125%3.734%
FHA RatesRatesAPR*
30 Year Fixed3.000%4.117%
15 Year Fixed4.125%5.328%
Rates include a 1% loan fee, based on $200,000 loan with 20% down payment. Rates are based on purchase of a primary residence.
FHA APR based on $200,000 loan with 3.5% down payment. Rates are based on purchase of primary residence. See Credit Union for details.

Savings Rates

Rates effective 10/01/2020

Fees may reduce earnings

Savings TypeTermMin. BalanceAPY - Annual Percentage Yield
Dividend on Savings$5 and up*0.15%
IRAs*$5 and up*0.25%
Share Certificates**3 months$5000.25%
6 months$5000.30%
1 year< $100,0000.55%
1 year> $100,0000.65%
2 years< $100,0000.75%
2 years> $100,0000.85%
3 years< $100,0000.95%
3 years> $100,0001.05%
* The Dividend rate and annual percentage yield may change every quarter. Dividends are declared at the end of a dividend period as determined by the Board of Directors. **Early withdrawal penalties may apply. Truth In Savings Disclosure.












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