A Summer of Events

Aug 2023 | Credit Union News, Featured

As August comes to a close, we here at Alaska Air Group Credit Union are looking back on all the amazing events we were able to participate in this summer. Thank you to everyone who visited us at one of these events.

Here’s a recap of all we did this summer!

Station Visit to BOI and BOI Res
May 16 and 17

We visited the BOI Station and BOI Reservations to talk to existing employees and the new hires about their company credit union!

Aviation Day
June 3

Always an amazing event, this year was no exception! Our employees had a blast volunteering for the 2023 Aviation Day. We were also proud to sponsor the volunteer coffee truck.

EAF Golf Tournament Auction
July 20

We were proud to support the EAF Golf Tournament Auction both as a Supporting Sponsor, and by our staff volunteering to help with the dinner and auction.


Seattle Summer Event
July 22nd

We were so glad the picnics resumed this year and that we were able to get out there and have a blast with Alaska, Horizon, and McGee employees! The Seattle Summer event was a great time filled with sunshine, smiles, and of course prizes!

BOI Reservations Visits
June 27 and August 2

We are so thankful for our partners at BOI Reservations for allowing us to visit and speak to their new hire classes!

Alaska Retiree Picnic
August 9

The Retiree Picnic is always an amazing event to connect with some of our long-time members. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Retiree Picnic this year, and were proud to support the event with gift cards donated to their raffle.


Portland Summer Event
August 19

Another amazing and memorable event! We had such a great time hanging out with Portland based Alaska, Horizon, and McGee employees at the Portland Summer Event.

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