Get the most out of your AAGCU savings account.

Jun 2022 | Financial Education, Savings

Experience all the benefits of your Alaska Air Group Credit Union savings account by completing these steps!

1. Set up Direct Deposit through your employer.

The best way to save is by setting up a direct deposit, to make sure a specific amount or percentage is going into your savings account each paycheck.
Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air Employees, simply login to PeopleSoft, click Payroll, and Direct Deposit. 

2. Open Save Your Way Savings Accounts to help you save with a purpose.

Alaska Air Group Credit Union offers the same competitive dividend rate on both the standard savings and any additional Save Your Way savings accounts, meaning you can have multiple savings accounts for all of your budgeting needs. Apply for your additional savings accounts here: Save Your Way Application – Alaska Air Group Credit Union (

3. Customize the names of your accounts.

You can name your accounts whatever you like, such as “Emergency Savings” or “Vacation Fund” or anything that motivates you to reach your savings goals.  Simply log into Online Banking, go to Settings, and Account Settings. In the Mobile App, go to Settings, then Accounts, then Show/Hide Accounts. 

4. Utilize Money Manager to set and track budgets.

Available in both Online Banking and the Mobile App, Money Manager creates bubble budgets, spending trends, and more to help you track your spending.

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