We Are Moving! (Updates)

Jul 2021 | Credit Union News

We are on the move!

Changing things up in 2021!
As things grow and expand in the greater SeaTac area, we wanted to be able to position ourselves to best serve our members. So we are literally doing just that!

Alaska Air Group Credit Union signed a lease in November of 2020 for a space on S 192nd in SeaTac, WA.

Our move date is set for October 11th and the SeaTac Branch will be closed on October 11th.

The new branch will be open at the new location on October 12th of 2021.

Our Anchorage Branch remains in the same space! Just our SeaTac branch is moving.

To make the space suitable for our membership we are having some updates made to the future branch.

The convenience of this building is that we are much closer to the new HUB building of Alaska Air Group. Hi (future) neighbors. As we want to grow our relationship more with the Air Group, we felt that this type of move was best the credit union and our members.

Please follow our blog for more updates and information!

We are excited about this new transition and are ready for whatever 2021 holds!

We are looking to have our move in Fall of 2021! So we have plenty of time to get prepped and packed!

We will continue to communicate about the move and update you with dates as we know more. You won’t have to do anything, except find a new favorite parking spot at the new site.


Move Updates:
September 2021- Construction is nearing the end, and we should have a Move-In date shortly!
August 2021– We are (hopefully) nearing the end of construction! Check back for more updates, and as we know more-we will let you know!
July 2021- We are seeing progress!! Light at the end of the proverbial tunnel! We are still waiting on final touches and adding all the bells and whistles, but we are closing in on the finish line! We will update you as we know more information.
June 2021- We are still waiting on our construction project! We PROMISE we will update you as we gain more insight!
April 2021- We are still in the building out phase of our new Branch space. We are hoping to be ready for a move in mid-May, but will keep you updated as we get a better idea!

We aren’t there YET! But here’s a map of where our new building WILL BE:

January 2021- Things are moving right along! We’re in the midst of construction at our new building! We will hope to have pictures soon to show the progress!

December 2020- Construction is coming right along! We are hoping to have a more definitive move-in date soon. Thank you for all your support and patience!

November 2020- Signed Lease for the new space on S 192nd in SeaTac, WA.



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