Talking to Your Kids about Finances

Sep 2020 | Community Involvement, Credit Union News, Financial Education

Are your kids ready to talk about money?

If kids are old enough to ask for a toy or a bike, they are old enough to start learning financial lessons that will last their lifetime.

Learn with Banzai! They offer educational games to help learn about earning money, Saving and spending money, taxes and withholdings, and so much more!

Many financial lessons can be a part of your everyday experiences. Look for opportunities to talk about money, read books aloud and play games that center around spending money wisely. Be open and honest when you discuss your financial experiences, both good and bad.

Here are some everyday lessons that may help the conversation get started!

At the Credit Union

When you come to the Credit Union, bring your kids with you and show them how transactions work. Ask our Member Service Representatives or our Managers to explain how the bank operates, how money generates interest and how an ATM works.

Give your child’s financial future a head start, and help teach them the value of money! Open a Take Off Kid’s Savings account today. You can even save automatically through payroll deduction. Enroll the teenager you care about in our Altitude Teen Club.

With an Alaska Air Group Credit Union savings account, you’ll give your child’s financial future a solid head start—while teaching them the value of saving.

At the market

It can be easier to give examples of “wants” and “needs” while at the grocery store. Milk (for strong bones) is a need and soft drinks can be a want. Explain the benefits of comparison shopping, coupons and store brands.

Chores and allowances

Chores and allowances gives your kids a chance to earn their money! Assign chores and give them a monetary value. Discuss ways to budget and divide allowances. Encourage children to set a financial goal, such as saving for a bike, and figure out how to achieve it. This is a good time to also work on building their own budget. Discuss how spending now will mean it will take more time to reach a long-term goal. Getting this perspective can help them decide whether the short- or long-term goal is more important to them. Encouraging them to set aside for giving/donating can be very beneficial in the long run as well. Talk to them about what is meaningful to them, like animals, the environment or some other cause, and about how much of their own money they would like to commit to it. These conversations and experiences will give them a first-hand understanding of how money works and instill good money habits that can last a lifetime.

On payday

On payday it can be a good day to discuss budget! This can include paying for housing, food, clothing. And how a portion is saved for future expenses such as college tuition and retirement. Talking about how you maybe pay yourself with those savings can be a good topic! If you need help understanding budget we have resources to help!

Explain the many ways that bills can be paid: over the phone, paper or by check, electronic check or online check draft. Discuss how each method of bill pay takes money out of your account. Emphasizing the importance of paying bills on time can be beneficial to your budget as well.

Using credit cards

Explain that credit cards are a loan and need to be repaid. Share how each month a credit card statement comes in the mail with a bill. Go over the features of different types of cards, such as ATM, debit and credit cards.





Always encourage your children to ask questions about money. If you don’t know the answer, research it together or ask your Credit Union for more information!


Do you have suggestions on how to talk to your kids about finances? Let us know!

Send us an email at


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