2019 Annual Member Survey Results

Nov 2019 | Credit Union News

I want to thank the 600 members that responded to our recent Annual Member Survey. Member feedback is so important to us, and we are pleased to share the results with our entire membership. The 2019 survey focused on member experience; seeking to identify information to enable us to better serve you and deliver experiences that are meaningful to you; whether digitally or in person.

Your feedback expressed a high level of continued satisfaction with our services with many members sharing specifically what we are doing well. We were very proud to receive member comments that connect with our core values at AAGCU – including first-class service and providing a personalized experience to our members (here for you!). The following weighted word cloud summarizes what our members value from us:

“What do you love about your credit union?”

While you shared plenty of positive feedback, you also provided invaluable constructive feedback on how we can serve you better. Here are some of the top answers on what we can do better and what we plan to do about it in 2020:

“What could the credit union do better?”


More branch locations

CU Response: Though the credit union does not have any current plans to add a third AAGCU branch, this is not out of the question for future expansions. We are constantly surveying the traffic at our current branches and considering how our physical branches can provide the most benefit to our membership. We still offer Shared Branching as a solution to serve our membership that currently expands 49 states.


Better mobile app/online banking

CU Response: We are excited to announce that we will be launching a new mobile app and online banking system in early 2020. The new online/mobile platform will be an omnichannel experience and offer more robust features such as mobile remote check deposit. We know some of the frustrations that our current system has been causing our members such as the need for manual password resets and difficult security questions. We made sure to choose a more user-friendly and self-servicing system to moving forward. We are excited for you to enjoy the new system early next year!


Deposit checks via smart phone

CU Response: As mentioned in the response above, we will be launching a new mobile app in early 2020. Along with other new exciting features, the mobile app will have the ability for remote deposit capture. You will be able to deposit a check into your credit union account conveniently, simply by taking photo of the check with your smart phone.


Better rates on savings

CU Response: One of our main priorities at the credit union is giving back to our members in the form of competitive savings and loan rates. We increased our regular savings rate at the beginning of this year from 0.01% APY to 0.50% APY and significantly increased our Share Certificate rates. We are continuously surveying what other credit unions are offering to stay competitive. The credit union continues to see positive and sustainable growth and we anticipate this will allow us to continue to provide more benefit to our membership in the form of better rates and services.


More surcharge-free ATMs

CU Response: We are currently part of the surcharge-free Allpoint ATM network which offers our members access to over 55,000 locations world-wide. Offering convenient account access to our members is very important to us. For now, we plan to keep Allpoint as our primary ATM network but as a future consideration we will look at the need to change or add another ATM network. If you do not have reasonable ATM access near where you work/live, please let us know so that we may better understand our member needs. You can email this info to info@aagcu.org.


Your feedback is critical in guiding us to provide the highest quality of service and products to our membership today and in the future. Thank you again for your participation. We are committed to turning our member survey results into action.

Thank you for your continued membership with Alaska Air Group Credit Union. Let’s keep flying, and saving together!



Leah Butters

Marketing Manger

Alaska Air Group Credit Union

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