7 reasons to join Alaska Air Group Credit Union

Oct 2016 | Credit Union News

For Alaska Airlines, Horizon Air, and McGee Air Services employees, you have an exclusive option – one in which you can save with the group that you fly. Alaska Air Group Credit Union (AAGCU) is one of the few remaining “single sponsorship credit unions”, meaning we don’t have to be all things to all people. Together, we focus on our number one goal – meeting your financial needs.

Membership is open to family members and retirees and once you are a member, you’re a member for life.

Here’s a few reasons to consider joining:


1. Talk to a human

There’s no need to press 1 for a menu, press 2 for questions about your account or sit on hold to relaxing elevator music. At AAGCU, the employees are there to answer questions and offer one-on-one counseling to help you make your best financial choices. With a dedicated member services staff, you will always speak with a real person and be heard.


2. People Over Profits

Since AAGCU is a not-for-profit financial institution, they charge less, have lower minimum balance requirements and offer better loan rates than banks.



3. Lower Fees

Because of the non-profit status, (see reason #2), the AAGCU typically offers significantly lower and fewer fees on everything from checking accounts to loans.

One example: Chase charges a $12 monthly fee for a checking account, unless there is a $1,500 minimum daily balance and $34 for each non-sufficient funds charge. *

The credit union does not charge a monthly checking account fee. All that is required to join is $5 in a savings account.


4. Better Rates

Loans are offered at competitive rates. The credit union will also not sell your first mortgage home loan to another institution like the big banks will.

Example: AAGCU offers an auto rate “as low as” 3.24% annual percentage rate (APR) for cars two years old or newer. In comparison, U.S. Bank lists auto loan rates “as low as” 4.59% APR (U.S. Bank website) and Wells Fargo lists auto loan rates for new vehicles “starting at” 3.9% APR. *


5. You can get an airplane loan

That’s right! AAGCU will finance an airplane purchase (although probably not a Boeing 737 or an Embraer E-175). They will also finance buying a house, car, motorcycle, recreational vehicle, home improvements, tuition or even a vacation.



6. It’s more convenient than you think

AAGCU offers more ATM access than many leading banks with a total of 55,000 surcharge-free ATM’s worldwide, including locations at Walgreens and Costco stores in the Puget Sound area. And if you need to do more complicated transactions, you can visit one of over 5,000 credit union co-op shared branches nationwide.



7. There’s an app for that

Just like the big banks, AAGCU offers online banking and bill pay as well as a mobile banking app so all you world travelers can bank on the go.





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