Youth Financial Literacy

Alaska Air Group Credit Union believes that financial education is important and it is very important to teach children the basic of handling money and finances. We offer a variety of free resources as well as Youth Savings Accounts to help teach your young ones the value of money and how to manage their finances once they enter the real world.

Youth Savings Accounts

Take Off Kids Savings 

Begin teaching your kids the value of money—and saving—today. The Take Off Savings Account from Alaska Air Group Credit Union is the perfect way to teach kids ages 12 and younger the value of saving money on a regular basis.

Altitude Teen Club 

Give your teen a chance to demonstrate responsibility and autonomy with an Alaska Air Group Credit Union Altitude Teen Club Savings and Checking Account. These accounts allow your teen to securely save money—and earn interest—without any confusing hassles. Open your accounts today and begin securing your teen’s financial future.



Experience real-world financial literacy in a fun, safe way. Program curriculum includes three different programs that the whole family can learn from and enjoy: Banzai Junior (ages 8-12), Banzai Teen (ages 13-18), or Banzai Plus for adults. You can choose from the content levels listed below.

Banzai Junior (AGES 8-12)

When life hands you lemons, become an entrepreneur! In Banzai Junior, we use a lemonade stand to teach students how to make money, save for big purchases, and even operate a business. Kids get to choose a savings goal and then use their lemonade stand to save enough money by the end of summer.

Some of the other topics covered in Junior include the following:

  • IOUs (an introduction to credit)
  • Earning money
  • Counting currency
  • Saving and spending money
  • Working with others

Play Banzai Junior

Banzai Teen (AGES 13-18)

In Teen, students play to save enough money for college registration. They’ll navigate daily decisions, like getting a job, going out to eat, and even renting an apartment to see how their choices affect their end goal.

Teen covers the following:

  • Double-entry accounting
  • Renting an apartment
  • Buying a car
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Taxes and withholdings
  • Daily spending and saving
  • Auto insurance
  • Credit

Play Banzai Teen

Additional Resources


Biz Kid$ is a national financial education initiative based on an Emmy Award-winning public television series about kids, money, and business. The series includes 65 episodes and reaches over one million viewers per episode. Using a clever blend of entertainment and education, each Biz Kid$ episode shows kids how to make and manage money by introducing concepts of financial literacy and entrepreneurship. 

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