Order Checks

Follow the instructions below to order new checks for your Alaska Air Group Credit Union account. Please contact us if you have any questions.  


Checks can be ordered the following ways:

  • Submit a check order form. Once completed, return the form to the credit union via secure email on our contact page, by emailing info@aagcu.org, or by fax to 206-824-1421
  • Over the phone with a member service representative at 206-824-9800 or 800-626-3336
  • In person at one of our branch locations

Text and phone scams are on the rise. Beware of suspicious calls and texts, even if it comes from a trusted number. When in doubt, hang up and call us directly.

Alaska Air Group Credit Union
Seattle Office
(206) 824-9800
Anchorage Office
(907) 563-5335