Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

Your busy schedule doesn’t always leave time to run errands. And even when you have the time, you don’t want to spend it traveling to the credit union to deposit a check. AAGCU offers the time-saving convenience you want with direct deposit and payroll deduction. All you need is our routing number, 325072166 and your account number(s).


Direct Deposit

You can deposit your entire paycheck (less taxes and deductions) into your AAGCU account, as well as Social Security, and other benefit pension checks. 


Payroll Deduction

Carve out a portion of your paycheck and deposit it automatically into one or more accounts. This is an easy way to accumulate more savings with a disciplined strategy, and you can raise or lower the amount of your deduction at any time.


How to Sign Up

Sign up for direct deposit or payroll deduction through your employer’s payroll department. The credit union can not set up these services for you, but we’d be happy to assist you if you have any questions. Call us at 206-824-9800 or email

Are you an Alaska Airlines or Horizon Air employee? You can access your direct deposit information on PeopleSoft. Once logged in, click Payroll and then click Direct Deposit.

Text and phone scams are on the rise. Beware of suspicious calls and texts, even if it comes from a trusted number. When in doubt, hang up and call us directly.

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