Debit Cards

Our Visa Debit Card offers convenience and security. It is accepted around the world but still safer than carrying cash and quicker than writing checks.



How It Works

  • Linked to an Alaska Air Group Credit Union checking account
  • Funds automatically withdrawn upon transaction
  • Easily view an up-to-date record of transactions
  • Easily replaced if lost or stolen

Learn more: Visa Fraud Alerts


Lost or Stolen Card?

Call one number to cancel your card right away:

  • During business Hours (9am-5pm PST): 206-824-9800
  • After Hours: 833-285-1750

Request a new card by completing and sending us a Visa Debit Card application. **Our Debit Card ordering is on HOLD until after February 26th.**

JANUARY 10th, 2022: SeaTac branch is available by APPOINTMENT ONLY, the drive-through remains open 9am-5pm. Please call or email to schedule appointment.
Anchorage branch is open, limited to no more than two members in the lobby.

Alaska Air Group Credit Union
Seattle Office
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Anchorage Office
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